Our History


In the year 2003, Mark E. Brown founded

                  ’Sports For Special Kids’

a baseball league in Quakertown, and is currently the president of this organization. The previous years have been a huge success.
Our baseball league is for mentally and physically challenged people from the age of 5 years through 99 years old. We uniform them using a T-shirt with their name on the back, hat, pants and socks. At the end of the season, you keep everything except the pants, they must be returned for use in the following season. There are six teams; the 2 minor league teams are age 5 through 13 years old, while the 4 major league teams are ages 14 through 99 years old.
Our games are usually held every Sunday, starting in either the last weekend in April, or first weekend in May, and continue throughout June. The games usually last about 1-1/2 hours. For starting times of the games please see the “Schedules” page. Our home field is located at Quakertown Memorial Park in Quakertown, PA. At the end of each season, we have an awards banquet where the athletes receive trophies.
In our games, everyone gets to bat. The batter will be pitched to by our coaches until they hit the ball. However, on occasion, if the batter starts to get frustrated, we will use the t-ball stand. Everyone runs the bases. The last batter is announced so all the remaining players on the bases will know to run around until they get to home plate. There are no outs and there will be no score taken. We are there to have fun and not get upset by the score or outs.
We hope this has been very informative for you & wish to see you all sign up for our ‘Sports For Special Kids’ baseball team. All of us find it very rewarding watching the athletes play and have fun.


If you have any questions, please call Laura at 104-418-8568, Paul at 156-881-3862, or
e-mail us at the following address: Sports For Special Kids


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